Please check the "Terms and Conditions" before making a reservation.(When you make a reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions.)

Please check the reservation status on the calendar before booking.

Your reservation is not yet confirmed when you submit the reservation form.

Your reservation will be confirmed only after I reply whether it is acceptable or not. (We will respond within 24 hours).


・For reservations and inquiries regarding reservations, please use the button below.

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※ Cancellation policy.
· In case of cancellation of reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.


Please check the cancellation policy, thank you like you agree on reservation.
No cancellation fee will be charged for closing the traffic disorder ski resort.


・From 30 days to 60 days ago...50%
・From the 30th to the day before, on the day, no contact...100%



Response of reservation inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.
We will send a guide message such as the lesson's policy.
Please reply within 24 hours.
The reservation is confirmed after prepaid fee has been credited.
· Payment must be prepaid by card.
· After booking is confirmed, we will send you an invoice e-card payment from Paypal to your e-mail address.




【Terms of Service】
When you make a reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions.


· If you are late for more than 20 minutes without contacting lesson time, we will cancel.

 In that case we do not refund.

 · I will not compensate for injuries and accidents during lessons. It becomes self-responsibility.

 In case of accident or injury during lesson, we will help you to contact the patrol or transport to the hospital

 We can not assume further responsibility, so please agree in advance.

 · The instructor cannot speak English very well. I can speak simple English. Please be aware of this when making your reservation.




・There is no reservation in the blank. Reservation possible.