Nice to meet you all!

I am an instructor, Sacy.
Please call me Mr. Sacy.
Mr.  Sacy is. . .

·I like fishing, trekking and guitar.
·I am the father of two boys (20 years old, a medical student at a medical university, and a 15 year old  high school ). .

·I am the owner of the guesthouse.
· I love kids, but they are popular from seniors and women too! .
I am looking forward to seeing you everyone! !

· Previously, Niseko Gran Hirauf Ski & Snowboard School Chief Teacher

Experience as a professional ski teacher for over 30 years.
The number of students taught exceeded 5000.

The number of nominations for private lessons was the top No 1 teacher every year ^ ^)

Even beginners will teach gently.
I can speak a little English.
It is only a few English words.
I can not speak English well.
Please understand it and make a reservation.
However, even those who can not understand Japanese can teach
I will teach you with a slight English and gesture gestures.
Please make an agreement on your reservation as accidents, injuries are totally self-responsible.


・Masamitsu Esashi 

・Japan Sports Association Official Ski teacher

・Japan Sports Association Official Ski coach (instructor)


I have three other ski instructor qualifications.


Made in Niseko ROKO Ski Test Skier 



The qualifications of the official ski teacher of the Japanese Sports Association are qualifications that can be taught at commercial sports facilities. Those who already have the ski instructor qualification can take the exam and require specialized subjects over 230 hours (psychology physiology, medicine, nutrition management etc in sports etc).
Currently there are only about 280 people who have this qualification in Japan.


[Review] Here are some of the messages from customers.


 ・ We know all about Niseko mountains and will carefully teach you how to enjoy skiing mountains from the basics. I ski only once a year, but after taking Sacy's lessons, I can confidently ski anywhere. I think he is a very good ski instructor of high quality.


・I'm a ski instructor and have been skiing for more than 10 years. Still, I keep coming back to Esashi sensei's lesson. He is the true master. He can teach all from beginner to expert level. Kids love him and so do serious expert skier. No matter what level you are, you will have fun and improve.

The lesson here is also a lot cheaper than other ski schools in Niseko area. But I am telling you, Esashi sensei's lesson is a lot better than those. (Believe me I've tried many ski schools in Niseko)

For foreigner, don't worry. Esashi sensei can speak little English and he is very welcoming to foreigner (unlike many typical Japanese school).

If you are looking for a ski lessons in Niseko area, whether for yourself and for your children, I really recommend this school.

Mr. Sacy is very passionate and kind instructor especially we are first time skiers. My daughter and son enjoy very much with our time with Mr. Sacy, will definitely recommended to those who want to learn ski in Niseko.


・ My daughter is a teacher from the first grade of elementary school to the current third grade of junior high school. From the basics, he taught us how to enjoy skiing and how to enjoy skiing in the mountains of Niseko. Although my daughter lives in Tokyo, she was able to acquire the first grade of the junior test in the third grade of elementary school thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of Professor Sacy. I always spend lunch with my daughter and I'm looking forward to it in Niseko.



The concept ... simple fun and safe and with a smile! ! :)