niseko ski school

Hello everyone!

Niseko Rikka Ski School instructor of Searcy .

Instructors with more than 20 years of ski lesson experience at Niseko will be safe,

fun and gentle private lessons for beginners who are new to skiing!


We will help you make fun memories of Niseko!


We are accepting reservations for the 2022~23season.

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Please feel free to contact us!

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niseko ski lesson

We are accepting reservations for the 2022-2022 season.

This winter, we will give lessons while thoroughly preventing infection.

・ Keep the distance to the customer constant.

・ We will act to avoid crowds.

・ We carry rubbing alcohol (76%).

・ I will always wear a face mask.


・ Do not act in poorly ventilated areas.


niseko ski school

Even beginners will teach gently.
I can speak a little English.
It is only a few English words.
I can not speak English well.
Please understand it and make a reservation.
However, even those who can not understand Japanese can teach
I will teach you with a slight English and gesture gestures.

Private lesson fee for Niseko's ski school is very expensive.
But my school is the lowest price.
Even if the price is cheap I will surely teach you so please be relieved.

She is my student. She is skiing very comfortably.

This student is a customer from overseas.
They started out for the first time.
And they got it well after 1 hour and 30 minutes! !


Even people who are new to skiing will gently and carefully lesson.
We will help skills and pleasure making ski memories at Niseko :)
I am not good at English.
I can speak a little English.
I can not speak English well in the lesson.
Please understand it and make a reservation.
If it is okay with even part of English, I will get a reservation.
However, since security can not be guaranteed, please make a reservation after agreeing.
A person who can understand Japanese is ideal, but somehow a lesson is possible.
Guests abroad are also welcome.


Niseko Rikka Ski School is a certified school of Niseko United.